Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The F word

As we read CLICK! for our book group we should also think about how feminism is turned into an epitath and used to keep women in their place. We need to gather our power, and use it for good.

Gloria Steinem on eroticizing (!) equality:

Happy T-day

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Post-Election Thoughts

Congrats to the winners...but listen to the drumbeat, and learn.

Major lesson number one: We need more people being groomed for candidacy and office. If we do not have people sitting on the bench, we might experience what the republicans have--by running non-candidates (can you say: Lazio), it opens the door for others to jump in, such as the Tea Party candidates. [O'Donnell was correct in her assessment that if the GOP had backed her candidacy right away, things might have been a bit different--but she lost (as did most of the Republicans in Delaware by 20%)

On another note:
My prediction for the House, even though it has a republican majority, not all of the tea partiers are real republicans, and thus, the so-called R majority will split, or tend to be a lot more conservative...and produce gridlock, since the Senate is still democratic... This, btw, is what the founders had in mind when they talked about a limited government--they did not foresee the two houses agreeing on much legislation...thus, limiting government.