Wednesday, September 16, 2009

51% of the People Living in America

Need health care reform and we need it NOW!

Based on an in depth report by The National Women's Law Center (NWLC) has found that:

NWLC found that the individual insurance market is a very difficult place
for women to buy health coverage. Insurance companies can refuse to sell women coverage altogether due to a history of any health problems, or charge women higher premiums based on factors such as their gender, age and health status. This coverage is often very costly and limited in scope—and it often fails to meet women’s needs.
Besides making it difficult and more expensive for women to find maternity coverage it seems that having been a victim of domestic violence in some states also precludes women from health care insurance:

Insurance companies can reject applicants for health coverage for a variety of
reasons that are particularly relevant to women. For example, it is still legal in nine states
and D.C. for insurers to reject applicants who are survivors of domestic violence. Insurers can
also reject women for coverage simply for having previously had a Cesarean section (C-section).
For the Full Report PDF: