Friday, May 28, 2010

The Second Sex

is reviewed in Sunday's NYT Book Review:

Legal rape

More and more states (22 according to the article cited below) are requiring ultrasounds before abortions may be performed. Oklahoma has the most draconian one--requiring a vaginal ultrasound (rather than one just using the wand on the belly)--I would call this mandatory procedure legal rape. [This law was passed over the governor's veto, and is currently being stayed by a court.]

Abortions are legal. Men and others (since there are women legislators) should NOT make laws on other people's --women's--bodies. That is the concept of bodily autonomy, which is the key to the liberal democratic concept of the (rational) individual.

The concept key to most anti-abortion laws and one that is included in Roe v Wade, is that when women are pregnant they are not wholly rational because of hormonal changes during pregnancy. Thus, in the case of requiring ultrasounds, they can be made to see what they are about to do.

We need to take control of our bodies, for good!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pediatricians come to their senses

Last month the American Association of Pediatrics endorses nicking young girls' clitorises (as opposed to fully cutting and/ or infilibrating the young girls) to protect them from full Female Genital Mutilation under non-sterile conditions.
Now, they are rethinking this--since any cutting is mutilation. And, just because we might believe in multiculturalism, not all cultural practices are the same nor deserve respect (including those in our own culture...)

Lies of Omission

Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Maryland are required by local ordinances to post if they have medical personnel on premises and if they do not offer abortion services. They are suing to be able to mislead women who seek their help.
Is deception via omission covered by the first amendment?
What is the role of the government to ensure that women get all the reproductive health services that are available?

See the article in the Washington Times (the conservative paper) May 24, 2010:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Women & Healthcare

1. States are re-defining health care so that (elective) abortion is not part of it. Arizona and Tennessee have such a law--which limits the insurance sold on the state's Exchange. There are similar bills awaiting signing in Florida, Mississippi and Missouri. see

2. The Catholic Church has excommunicated a nun who sat on an ethics committee which decided to save a mother's life over that of her 11 week fetus by aborting that fetus. (Note to Church: If the mother had died, so would that fetus. Allowing that woman to live, means she can have other babies in the future).

Need I say more? Our reproductive health and life is under seige!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 9th

Happy Mother's Day, and Happy 50th Anniversary to the birth control pill--which helped make motherhood a choice.